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Transformation Thursday

How good is Dena's story....

When I first started on my wellness journey, I had no clue that the changes I would experience ripple throughout all aspects of my life. I had fallen so deep into the pattern of people pleasing, that the stress from living life that way caused me to lose myself and my health. It's a good thing to want to help out others. It's a problem when you put everyone's needs before your own. And it's an even bigger problem when your health suffers because of it. Out of desperation, I reached out to a friend for help, and found the lifeline I had so desperately needed. I learned that in order to take care of the one's I loved, I needed to face the music. That meant making my health a priority. It meant setting hard boundaries. It meant facing my fears, and switching my mindset. Yes, it was hard. But it was worth it! Every choice I made daily I made to become the person I have wanted to be. Confident. Bold. Free!

Transformation Thursday


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I have created this space to share my journey and all the things that I love in life.    Enjoy the ride and if anything resonates with you, I would love to connect.

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