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Starting fresh

You know when you really want to do something, but then something in the back of your mind keeps stopping you.... Welcome to my world!

Chatting to a friend today, I was telling her how I really want to get my blog setup and she said "why haven't you" ... I stopped and tears welled up and and I said I don't know, I feel I need to brainstorm bla bla bla. So after an incredible kick up the butt, I came home from my walk and decided that today is the day I am going to start.

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A little bit about me ... My Name is Tremayne and most peeps call me "T". I am, loyal, loving, wife and mum of 3 boys (now men) who absolutely light up my world. We live south of Wollongong in NSW. Growing up I played tee ball, softball, gymnastics, physi, raced BMX, rode motor bikes, had my own horse (palomino named prince), got interested in boys 🤣 , I learned how to scuba dive (nothing quiet like being on the bottom of the ocean to enjoy the beauty of what it has to offer).

About 5 years ago ... I stumbled across a system that totally rocked my world. It has not only changed my health and given me the resources to really understand about the food that we put into our body each day, it has given me a community, a place of belonging. You know until I turned about 20 I was a fit n lean fighting machine. As the years went by and I stopped being so active, the weight really piled on and being tall, I carried it well and learnt to live with it. I was so unhealthy; being healthy doesn't mean you have to be skinny. Being Healthy is about having a great mindset, eating balanced meals, filling the gaps, feeling alive, energetic and also enjoy the indulgences. Being Healthy doesn't mean you can't eat what you love, its about knowing what fuels you and not indulging in the not so great choices all the time.

“Live a life of love, kindness, honesty and happiness.”

So here is to my blog and I look forward to connecting with you and providing value.

T xoxo


Hello thanks for stopping by

I have created this space to share my journey and all the things that I love in life.    Enjoy the ride and if anything resonates with you, I would love to connect.

Have a blessed day, T x

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